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  • Dude can you please not close threads so fast? You let like 6 posts in and then lock it with a "general consensus" before I even get here.
    I'm sorry that I offended you. I was just poking fun at people who held your perspective, and I didn't think it was going to be a problem.
    I wasn't seriously implying it meant you lacked creativity, that was just me being a smartass and coming up with another way of looking at the situation, even if it was slightly ridiculous.

    I really don't want to leave a lot of negative feelings between us, that's just not a good thing. Will you please forgive me? I won't do that again.
    Since I can't quote, I'll just use quotation marks.....

    "Just to nit pick, and in I mean this by no offense, but you stated in another thread that in the Zelda universe Miyamoto's word is God. Now you're saying it's Aonuma. If Miyamoto said that Aonuma's statement was false about the Ruto/Zora/Korok/Kokiri thing then who would be right?"

    Miyamoto USED to be the word of god.
    Plus I just like saying "the word of god" to make my posts look important. :P
    I read that you're a member of Zelda Wiki on Chrono's profile. Where is the Zelda Wiki forum that I keep hearing about because I have that banner but I have no idea where it is. Do you know where it is and how I can get there?
    Hey Zemen do you mind changing this red thing over my avatar to a green since I haven't broken the rules here, or been impolite in like......6 months?

    Also congratz on the modship.
    Wow! Congrats on reaching mod status.

    I've always liked reading your posts. I have no idea when you became a mod, but you totally deserve it.

    Congrats again! n__n
    Huh I came on this site because Pinecove mentioned making a resources thread on ZU and saw that you're a mod now. Congrats, I guess.

    Could you do me a favor? Could you unsticky my thread in mystery's of Zelda and sticky Pinecove's? His is better and might make this site a little better.
    Indeed, it does look epic. I can't wait for it to come out myself! Why can't summer get here any faster? :(

    Oh, and congrats on the promotion, by the way. :)
    Exactly how it went for both of us then. :xd:

    I moderate Gaming Boards, The Zelda Series, and Zelda Theory and Discussion. So basically everything until the General Chitchat grouping. It's a good thing we have you on Zelda Theory and Discussion, because those tend to be the heavier Zelda sections that I sometimes am intimidated by. :xd: Glad you have you covering for me, in a way at least. :P

    I'm pretty excited about the position as well.
    Thanks! :D

    Yeah, so far it seems like the mod promotions come practically out of no where. I just randomly got messaged by Mosley the other day about it. It was funny. :xd:

    By the way, which sections do you moderate?
    I was planning on getting it for my birthday, but I found a bargain priced sealed copy of final fantasy antholgy: European Edition(wich is very rare and expensive, even more, a sealed one)
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