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  • As I said before, I'm not a theorist. The arguments I make just come out of nowhere for me. I just recall the information that I get from the games and other official stuff I've seen on the site. I sure know a lot of things theorists know, but that's just because I remember a lot of things about Zelda. I don't focus on this stuff all the time. In fact, I basically don't at all. I focus on the games themselves more than anything. Thanks for the comment, though.
    Yes, I've heard much about you. I'll probably be too busy to visit ZD later on, but for now, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
    Well, well, well. You are Pinecove AKA Last Chance, huh? Nice to meet you. You aren't on the fourms much anymore so it's a great pleasure to see you around. :)
    Ha, yeah same here. The discussion isn't near as fun unless its a bit heated. I hate not having people to really argue with me just because I'm an admin.. So, no worries, its all good.
    {I misread you post. XD}
    XD I do that all the time. And I am glad to meet someone who acnolage's FPTRRL's existance. =D
    I posted it on the thread, but here it is if you still want to see it and have not noticed hte post.
    {QUOTE}Bull****. Give me where you got this fact right now, without saying "I just heard it somewhere" or making up evidence. Give me actual proof.{/QUOTE}
    Lol! You are starting to sound like me. Props! XD
    So Pinecove.... this avatar of yours... it really cached my eyes, what is it suppose to be?
    Yes please.

    I want to see if it's possible to get back, too.

    Zelda Informer was so much better than here....
    Well when everyone who posts has the same "general consensus" with EXTREMELY little contradiction or agreement then there is no point to keep the thread open. If you have a different idea then PM it to me and if it's something that can spark a conversation I will reopen the thread and allow you to post.
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