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  • Then don't be insulted by it. What you consider a weakness or flaw can just as easily be taken as something different and more special than others. Your hearing is probably better than mine for one. -lol-

    embrace your flaws and make them your strengths.

    Yes, I do a lot of free hand sketching as well as basic drawing. I mainly do digital art though, (much easier to shade with digital art) I just haven't gotten around to purchasing a tablet for my PC yet. So i've been stuck with pencil, pen, crayon, color pencils, paints, etc...the list goes on. You can draw with and on nearly anything -lol-

    Never let anything stifle your creative flow and your potential will blossom brighter than you could ever imagine ^-^
    ooooohhhhh, that clears a lot more of the speech thing up. You can speak well, but there are certain hiccups in your speaking that made me wonder if maybe you came from a foreign land. -lol- Sorry about that. And yes English is also my first language.

    Do not shun youth little one ^-^

    Cause once its gone it's gone haha.

    And kool i'll be sure to check out your group.
    Is English you first language? Just curious.

    And don't sweat it guy im just a grammar Nazi sometimes.

    Well in my personal opinion Okami is pretty great. The game itself has a very interesting plot point that draws my attention the power to draw into the world is pretty interesting as well. And of course there are your natural wolf abilities. But if your not into puzzle games or mind teasers it's not for you. then again your on a LOZ forum site so Im pretty sure it goes without saying you enjoy a good puzzle from time to time.

    Yes, initially Amaterasu means "Sun Goddess" or in Japanese it means "One who illuminates the heavens" This is her true form: http://th04.deviantart.net/fs17/300W/f/2007/195/6/f/Okami_Amaterasu_by_akanosan.jpg

    And kool i'd be more than happy to check out your group and see if it is something i'd like to join in on. Post a link to my profile.

    And as for the ponys. Well The correct term for the older people who enjoy them are "bronys" but I cant really explain more than that to you. A "brony" or "Pegasister" (Female Brony) is simply someone who enjoys watching and is a fan of the series My Little Pony: friendship Is Magic or MLP: FIM for short. I won't really elaborate more than that on that subject because I'd hate to seem like i'm siding and trying to convince you into something. If you'd like to learn more on "bronys" you could probably just Google it and learn the wholes story yourself really.
    Sup guy.

    Somewhat, im not really a big fan of regular "WOLVES" <---- (correct plural spelling of that word) -lol-

    But I am a fan of Amaterasu or Okami as most call her. And I also like wolf link as well. But aside from that "dog" as a species isn't particularly one of my favorite creatures. I don't hate them or anything. But there just not all that fascinating to me.
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