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  • as ive said to others I havent cared about that sight for a very long time. SO ive been done with it until he came to help so i guess ill be done with it again.
    Could you do me a favor and finally tell me what exactly I stole? No one's explaining this, and it bothers me. I said that I didn't copy paste. I used similar ideas, but different methods.
    Hey Neo says that he will keep editing if we bring his block down to two weeks. Just read my page here youll see.
    How do you put a pic inyour post without having to get a www. address. In other words how do you take it off your my documents and put it in a post.
    hey you should read my new thread its in Mysteries of Zelda its titled Majoras Origins. Its almost complete fan fiction but its still interesting.
    welcome to ZD Zeldaduderox! Have fun and read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member! See ya around!
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