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  • Hey there! I just happened to notice that your avatar is of Beatrice, so I was wondering if you happened to be an Umineko fan? ;) I was super obsessed with Umineko for quite a while, so thought I'd ask ^^
    Yes I think Oh yeah I did see that one well I will sub you I am on You Tube if want to you can chat with me I am Sonic5780
    Now I remember I saw your videos they were awesome I tried to subscribe to you but I was busy with planning on making a Lets play
    Hey there.... I like your Signature there did you made it or just found some pic and made it look awesome but Welcome to ZD enjoy your stay
    The one that uploads the walkthroughs in youtube?
    Meh, if you are him or not, nice to meet you.
    Me Flagpole.
    You Vergildante100.
    Me likes cheese.
    Do you...?

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I think you are the one from youtube.

    Ok, that was a little exagerated...
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