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  • Happy Birthday, really buff version of Spider-Man!

    And since you're as old as me, you get a SPECIAL PICTURE that I posted somewhere!

    Happy birthday, matie! Hope you'll have a grand day! How're ye doin'? :triforce:
    Well of course not, but nevertheless, good communication is a good thing.
    'Hoy Matt! :wave:

    Your friend who is working on the in-game-designs, I think she should join the forums so that also she can take part of the discussions in our game group. I think that would be a very good thing. A "company" with good communication between the workers is a successful one. ;)
    That's great! So I draw the basics and lay the foundation of each character, then she designs them into the actual game and makes their appearances more realistic!
    You know Matt, just after we spoke about The Game last time I was drawn into something so I didn't have time to draw. I'm so sorry about that mate, but I guess I forgot. However, I'll gladly draw something now! :D :nod: What was it that we needed? I think it was a teenage Percival and an adult Percival. I can get that done by tomorrow I think!
    Yeah i play both games, and yes i perfer zelda more the call of duty. And no problem! Your a great friend also:)
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