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  • Hey Vash03, happy birthday!
    i hope the birthday ninjas be-ith of great assistance and pleasure and get-ith thee something nice, eh?
    I only posted one message, and that message was a string of Zango that I didn't even know what the origin of the text was until that was pasted in.
    I don't even know what I'm banned for anymore. Certainly nobody is too intent on unbanning me, however.
    Bomby is just rude as of late... he doesn't deserve the power he has right now. Also, I had no idea what that Zalgo shout would do... didn't even know what Zalgo was until a few minutes ago...
    Vash!?! Are you okay?
    Lately I heard about what happened in Fort Hood, Texas. I just remembered that you were stationed around there. I just hope that nothing happened to you, i'd hate to think that...
    Vash, I hope you're okay. I'll be waiting for your return.
    Hey, Vash, you okay?

    I heard about what happened at Fort Hood in Texas, and I'm not sure if you were there or not when it happened. I just want to make sure that you're okay. I shall be praying that you're alright.
    Are you alright?!!!

    I haven't seen you online in a while, and given recent news... well, I do not know where you were supposed to be stationed, and... yeah. If you can get back to me - it's not like I know your real name or anything... It would be good to know if you are alright.
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