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  • That's alright. We all have our moments of regret.

    Wish you posted on the MD more here though.

    And posting on your page, I'm realizing how my avatar doesn't match my pink username at all. Ugh! This color sucks.
    Yeah... He moved on to ZU. Figures.

    Computer programming is a rapidly expanding industry. Great choice. Software development, eh? What kind of software do you have in mind? Videogames?
    You still remember that? I miss skull_k1d. Used to discuss the globalist agenda with him all the time.

    Do you have a job or what do you want your future profession to be?
    My biggest problem about DDD is the lack of commands in the game (compared to Re:Coded and Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance has like....I don't even remember the count, but it's significantly less). Other, minor problems are how short each world is (I literally can go through each world in about 15-30 minutes) and then that the overall plot of the game is mostly insignificant. It's almost like a filler game that is trying to be a main plot game. See the game isn't by any means bad. It's just disappointing to me because I was so hyped for it.

    My favorite KH game is KH2 though.
    That's great to hear. Computer Science is a rapidly expanding field after all.

    I'm mainly exhausted from an overload of work. Plus today I was subjected to intense exercise in P.E. class.

    Hunting sounds neat. What do you usually hunt?
    Hey, man. It's truly been awhile.

    I'm currently exhausted. Can't wait for the weekend. How are things on your end?
    I was just making an observation. I believe, that at our core, all living things are deeply interconnected. At the same time, all our struggles are ours alone. We can couple up, find a partner to share it with, but in the end it's ours to bear. We try to connect and reach out, but deep down we all feel alone. Whether that is by society or natural design, I have no clue. Rather a cruel twist when you think about it. To be so close to Life, and at the same time so far away. It's like watching a play or a movie. Every one acts out a small part and tries to find a role to play in the greater scheme of things. As times change, however, memories fade and it's all for naught in the end. Yet we keep on trying.

    What can I say? I like rooting for the underdog.
    Maybe so, We've seen eye-to-eye on a few things, like GMO food not to long ago.
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