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  • No post you've made in the infowars thread has offended me or, to my knowlege, come close to breaching the rules. I routinely consult them when deciding whether to report a post or even whether to post something myself. It was totally unrelated to that thread or to you. :)
    זענט איר יבערקערן, גוי?
    I was jk about the walks... lmao. TV is so great these days! The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, especially. They're more like very long movies. There's so much character and plot development, social commentary, and symbolism. It's beautiful.
    I'm a film buff, but I've recently also gotten into TV a lot more because of how cinematic it's become. I like intelligent conversations, grammar, writing, comedy, and psychology. And long, romantic walks on the beach. Lmfao, jk. But I felt like I was writing a personal ad for a sec.
    And I've only been playing Zelda for a little over a year. Hahaha. I started OoT in early November of last year and that was my first Zelda game. I'm actually replaying OoT 3D right now... trying for 100%.
    No. I'm superrrr white. Haha. Yeah, I have. I just prefer not to discuss politics and/or religion on here because I find it kind of futile. It's not like anyone's going to change anyone else's mind on anything. I just came here to talk about Zelda... lol. Plus, I can get overly emphatic when I encounter perceived injustice or closed-mindedness so I usually try to steer clear of that kind of discussion for my own peace of mind.
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