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  • *observes siggy* Yea, he really shouldn't have drunken that cactus juice...XD
    Hello there, TrueChaos! I see that you are kind of new here still, so let me welcome you to the ZDungeon Forums! If you have any questions, feel free to ask anybody here; we'd be happy to help~

    Oh, and remember to read AND respect the forum rules, and have fun posting around the forums!

    Happy Posting! :zelda:
    I hope it outlines a lot of stuff from other games, allowing for it to be connected fluidly to other games like OOT and TMC.
    Hullo. And yeah, I thought Niki would. ;)

    This site is really great fun, and the community is amazing. Hope you have fun!
    Yeah. I joined a couple years back. There are Zelda Theory and World of Zelda forums for me to propose theories and have casual Zelda chat :D I Managed to finally post my theory for the timeline (in my sig). It has been well accepted so far :)
    DUUUUUUDE!! It's Alex XD I see you found the place alright. Gonna send you a friend request :)
    Hullo TrueChaos! Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon Forum Community! :D I'm Keyari, nice to meet ya! You can just call me Ki if you prefer. ;) Make sure to read the rules (I'm sure Nicole has told you to), and ask us if you have any questions. ^^ Have fun!
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