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  • Hay everypony, I just wanted to say, after seeing The Legend of Pony video on the mane page, it's given me the courage to admit to you all, the reason I haven't logged on as much as before is because... I'M A BRONY!!! I have become a brony and that is why I don't spend as much time on here anymore. Yeah, triq out, PEACE!
    You may have noticed I haven't been on in a month, but I'm back! Sorry, I was really, busy. Yeah, let's go with that. But anyways, I just wanted to say that I will not be logging on as often anymore, because I need to spend more time on other, things. Yeah...
    And the contest is closed. And we had a whopping one entry. Guess not many people knew who this guy was. And since that one person was a relative of mine, no one will get the prize. The contest will happen again at a later date, maybe when more people are going to be on. So you may be able to win the poster and points another time. Goodbye all.
    OK, so I've decided to up the ante. If I get enough people answering the question for the contest, the winner will also get a Legend of Zelda poster. Once a winner is decided, I will mail a Legend of Zelda poster to them as well as giving them the point donation. Hope this convinces more of you to participate!
    Hey you about 15 people who check out my page! To celebrate Friday the 13th (and Martin Luther King Jr. Day), I will be holding a contest from now until Monday evening. The first person to private message me the correct answer will get a point donation to be used in the Market. Horray! (Hey I'm broke and don't want to give up my personal Zelda stuff) So all you have to do is tell me the first and last name of the character in my profile picture and tell me what he is from. Ready. Set. GO!
    Hey everyone! guess who got tickets to the Symphony of the Goddesses when it comes to Seattle! That's right. ME!
    Hey P-Dude :) Thanks for the compliment on the profile. Reputation hearts, no idea. I finally got to 3 rep hearts, and then the next day it went away! Oh, P.S. Skyward Sword is AWESOME! Still only in Skyloft, so it hasn't beaten Link's Awakening as my favorite Zelda game, but it's pretty close.
    wow i have not ben on your page for a long time considering im one of your friends in real life... oh and by the way nice face lift on the profile:)
    Update on The Minish Cap 3-heart challenge. I've done a lot recently, so I am now on the Palace of Winds. I just lost to the Gyorg Pair, the boss of the Palace of Winds, which I've never lost to in any other play-through. :(
    OK everyone, just wanted to say, I just beat Cave of Flames on The Minish Cap.
    Time for the 2nd surprise! I've started a new thread in artwork titled Whiteboard Zelda. It includes a picture I drew on my father's whiteboard after school today. I've decided to take requests for drawings both in my thread and on my page. Before you make a request though, please look at the thread and remember, this is a whiteboard and I am not the best artist so please nothing too complex. I know I'm not the best, but I enjoy it, and just another way to hold in my excitment until Christmas. So please check out the thread!
    Okay everyone, and by everyone I mean the maybe 15 people who ever visit my page, I have 2 surprises for you. The 1st one is... in anticipation for Skyward Sword (which I will not be getting until Christmas), I am doing a 3 heart run of The Minish Cap. I've just started and have already beaten Deepwood Shrine. Yeah! 2nd surprise will be in next post!
    Wha, wha, wait a second... where did the reputation hearts go? I DON'T UNDERSTAND!
    ANNNNNNNNNNNNDDD, plop. My mom is keeping Skyward Sword until Christmas. And with it, all my happiness.
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