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  • It was stomach turning for me at first but I read it a couple more times after and, as bad as this sounds, I laughed. The jokes Pinky made were funny, even if a bit sick. But I've read worse. If you don't like Cupcakes I would say don't read Cherilee's garden unless you're a masochist or you just feel like hurling. It's way worse.

    I cried at the end of My Little Dashie. It was so damn sad. Right now I'm reading one called A New Hero and the famed Fallout Equestria.
    I guess I described the music well cause I love music. I really couldn't imagine life without music. It's what drives and inspires me.

    I love Rainbow Factory too! It's dark and mysterious sounding and the fanfic is great too. One of my favorite MLP fanfics and easily the best grimdark MLP fanfic (though I did enjoy cupcakes quite a bit too).

    What are your favorite MLP fanfics?
    Me? Well I listen to a mix of genres. I listen to lots of Core music, specifically Metalcore, Deathcore, and Post-Hardcore. In layman's terms this genre is known as "screamo" though it has it's own intricacies in each style.

    I like Rock in general, specifically Metal, Punk, Classic Rock, and Pop/Alternative Rock. I like and listen to a lot of Electronic/Synth based music of any type (Drum & Bass, House, Trance, Dance/DJ, Dubstep, etc.).

    I like a bit of Pop and Rap/Hip-Hop, though I don't listen to those styles as much.

    Surprisingly enough I also like to listen to Bluegrass and British/Irish folk songs (groups like Great Big Sea).

    And I have never found a pony song I didn't like. My favorites are Rainbow Factory:lol:, Dashstep, DJ Pon-3 House Mix, and Rainbow Dash's You're Gonna Go Far Kid (the song is a real song by the band The Offspring, but's been slightly sped up).
    Well I went out to buy that DJ Pon-3 shirt today and ended up getting shirts for a few bands I like (Bring Me The Horizon, Woe Is Me, and Rise Against) as well. All for a good price.

    What kind of music do you listen to?
    Most of my friends at school know I'm a brony. I told them and most don't care. They'll mess with me the way friends do but it's not mean or anything.

    And I went to Hot Topic today to get CD's by I See Stars and Skip the Foreplay and I saw a Vinyl Scratch shirt. But I didn't have enough money:(
    I know what you mean. It was really nice being able to talk about it after I began watching. And most everyone here is cool about it.
    It's no problem. I'm on quite a bit and I'm willing to talk;)

    Also saw your status as a brony. Always nice to know that there're more people that I can relate to.
    Hey. I saw your friend request a couple days ago. Just wanted to stop by and say hi!

    Anyway, since you seem to feel down right now why not talk with me? :D
    Well, I'm back from my one month hiatus. And know what, I was right. Nobody checked my page. Well, I guess this answers a question I've had...
    Know what, screw this. It's obvious that I don't have any more reason to stay here, so I'm gonna go on hiatus from ZD or the Dungeon Gaming Network or whatever you call it. If there's anyone out there who still cares about me, you can find me on Fanpop, but not here. I may come back every once in a while, but not frequently. Although honestly, this post is probably a waste of time since no one checks my page anymore anyway...
    Oh my GOSH!!! The Symphony of the Goddesses was AWESOME!!!!! I got a poster and a t-shirt to, but the symphony was AMAZING!!!
    I just wanted to have something other than my previous post be the top thing on my page, because it makes it easier to answer questions when less people read it...
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