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  • Ahh... well, Caleb's hard at work, trust me.

    Yeah, I agree with you. ReDeads for sure. Hm? A Toon Link one? Why do you say that?
    Brandon is a hard worker, actually. I don't think Twilight Princess is the game he's working on though... unless you're referring to Dabombster (Bomby)? If so, he's been pretty busy, but he has done some work I believe. Besides, the site is here for free. They don't get paid so they work when they can. :)

    And the Dead Hand is probably the most disturbing creature in the history of Zelda, if you ask me. :sweat:
    Hello, I've spotted you around the forums and thought "Yay someone else who joined who actuallly stayed! And wanted to say: "Heeey!"
    The UPS hat was given to me by a friend of mine who works at UPS. ;)

    Ah, I getcha. I have maybe... a little over half of the series myself. I don't really have a ton, which makes me sad. :(
    Um, no. I believe there's a 3-4 month requirement from the join date as well. It also depends entirely on you, and whether or not current Knights feel you're the right kind of person to promote. And I can't really commit to voting for you. We vote based on our opinion on whether the member is the right stuff or not. It's not based on people we're friends with or who asks us to vote for them. Additionally, asking to get promoted is typically on most boards a bad way to actually get promoted, because it's often frowned upon. ;)

    Anyway, that's cool. That's not very many to go, so congrats! I think I had several more left to go than that when I beat the game. ^^

    And please, in the future could you post one VM if possible? It can be annoying sometimes to receive more than one, especially if they're still talking about the same thing... :sweat:
    Cool, you enjoying OoT so far? Some people love it, some hate it (oddly enough). I think it's probably my third favorite game in the series.

    Yeah, the dancing ReDeads are hilarious. And the Gibdos were kinda interesting. I really love Majora's Mask overall, so I like a lot of the things in it actually.

    You become a Hylian Knight by being active, making good posts and having good behavior, which includes following the rules. Current Hylian Knights and Nobles will vote on them to promote them. ;)
    Hey. I accepted your friend request. ^^

    Hm... with your username, shouldn't your avatar be Byrne or something? :P Haha, just kidding.
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