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The Wanderer
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  • Yeah, that is weird, but IDK. Sometimes it seems to me that posts go unexpectedly AWOL on webforums, never noticed that here though.

    Take it up with administration I guess.
    Yes, that is what I was referring to. I couldn't be arsed with responding seriously, but you responded better than I would have anyway.

    IDK what you mean about parts of the original conversation missing.
    Amen to that, brother. I follow the truth because I KNOW it's the truth, not because I'm guessing it is, and to turn from the truth would be foolishness.

    I don't think it helps matters that evolution is treated in the scientific community as absolute fact even though it's just a theory, and most atheists disregard other theories on the face of it without giving them the due process needed. In that regard, they're acting just like Christians who don't look at any evidence but are instead the notorious "Bible-thumpers" most atheists assume Christians are.
    Hmm, Evidence That Demands a Verdict, huh? Interesting. I'm always looking for more scientific and historic proof of God's existence, so I shall be looking into this book, when the time allows for it.

    And I totally agree with your sentiment that hard proof, rather than fuzzy feelings, should be used to back up God's existence. I mean, yes I have some personal reasons, and I know that God's spoken to me personally many times in my life, but I don't use that as evidence when talking to others who don't believe in God. That's just my own private revelation, when talking to others I much prefer using cold, hard facts.

    And I also am a bit of a skeptical loner too. I generally don't go along with something unless I'm absolutely certain that it can't NOT be true, which I guess makes me a man of little faith, but whatever. And I've also come to the realization that, even though I will absolutely carry out God's commandment to spread His love to others, I just don't like people in general. There are some with similar interests (like yourself) who've I've come to like, but for the most part I just don't like other people.
    I've wanted to ask you this for awhile but are you a senior in high school or a freshman in college? I assume the latter.

    Yeah, I also have a ton on my mid although only a few more months of strenuous activity before a long respite. This week's Nintendo Direct definitely enthused me.

    I hope you find a suitable present for your brother. I always have trouble with birthday gifts as well.
    Say what? Why did you move?

    Well, in response to your posting quality, I was referring to your Pokemon rival thread specifically although your posts are nice in general.

    Ah, I've never actually been on a cruise, Lucky. How long will you be travelling for?
    Yeah, the webmaster and site owner, Mases, lives in Illinois.

    Talk to you tomorrow. Your morning question: Have you started school yet?

    Also, thanks for the fr. ^^
    Dayum, I live in the Chicago suburbs so it's always bustling here. I'm hoping to meet with Mases someday.

    I'm glad your enjoying the forums thus far. The community is very close and you'll grow to appreciate more members here if you stick around. I hope you make excellent contributions. ^^
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