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April 14
Canberra, Australia




Thank You...
Thanks to hyruleanhipster for the signature!


[20-08, 10:55] Thareous: She's too exemplary; I have tough competition.
[20-08, 10:54] Thareous: If only there were some way to dispose of this Sydney character...

[19-09, 16:53] Terminus: And several inanimate ones
[19-09, 16:53] Terminus: She's married to nearly every animate thing in the world
[19-09, 16:53] Firice da Vinci: Note to self: Don't ever marry Sydney.

[Today 07:40 PM] Herman Cain: 420 praise it
[Today 07:40 PM] Herman Cain: And lighting it up
[Today 07:40 PM] Herman Cain: Yeah, but those 8 days are a time of gift giving
[Today 07:39 PM] Sydney: urcool
[Today 07:39 PM] Sydney: you use me for 8 days and then put me away
[Today 07:39 PM] Sydney: i see how it is
[Today 07:39 PM] Sydney: oh
[Today 07:38 PM] Herman Cain: My sweet menorah
[Today 07:38 PM] Herman Cain: I've finally got the chutzpah to say this to you
[Today 07:38 PM] Herman Cain: I'm not putzing around okay
[Today 07:38 PM] Sydney: keith don't be a putz

1:49 PM <Big Octo> HappyMask, if you know Atticus, then you know that she has more spouses than she does blood cells
  1. 4:54 PM - Beauts:
    lol when axle was no longer a mod angels had orgasms

  1. 4:57 PM - Crus@der77x:
    I wish JJ was a mod, too.\\
  2. 4:57 PM - Justac00lguy:
    Every day Axle doesn't log in, a baby is born
  3. 4:57 PM - Beauts:
    if he did come back he'd see the forums and cry
  4. 4:57 PM - Himura Kenshin:
    Why? Didn't Axle like, own the site?
  5. 4:57 PM - Justac00lguy:
    Which is good news all round of course
  6. 4:56 PM - Justac00lguy:
    Axle hasn't been on in forever
  1. 2:32 AM - Vanessa28:
    Sydney is ZD's bby
  2. 2:31 AM - Repentance:
    if only Sydney was my bae.
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