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  • Essentially, in school I didn't do so well in my former bastions of success and instead did better in classes I'm traditionally not as strong at. I've found it to be rather perplexing and now I'm hanging on a loose string. Hopefully everything gets better next week...
    Are you moving somewhere? Sorry VM spying, lol. :rolleyes:

    Do a barrel roll!

    Oh yeah, the only fun I had on PS3 was Call of Duty and Final Fantasy which I have Black Ops and FF3 on my Wii. I love PS3's graphics for Call of Duty but I fortunately am not a "graphic are everything" sort of person, so when I use the Classic Controller Pro on my Wii with Black Ops it virtually feels the same to me. Oh and my PS3 quit reading Blu-Ray discs so I couldn't play games unless I downloaded them, So yeah in my opinion it's worth it.
    That's good to hear. Yeah I am actually trading in my PS3 to get a 3DS, Oot 3D, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, and finally get Four Swords Anniversary and Link's Awakening from the E shop. After all that I will just need Minish Cap, the Oracle games and the Wind Waker and I will own the whole series.
    Pretty good, waiting to get my 3DS next week! I will finally get to play spirit tracks! yay... How have you been?
    Yeah, I know how that is, I had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor for a year and a half. xD
    Hey, sorry didn't reply fast enough, haven't really been on the forums much. I love the streams, they are always fun to talk to and it's great to see some games being played. Thanks though, I hope I get as much enjoyment out of these forums as I do the streams. :)
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