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  • Hello! Thanks for the FR! I almost considered calling myself Ralis too! But I guess Nine-tailed Fox stuck so I chose it.
    Hey Ralis!
    Thanks for the friend request!
    So how are ya? I really like your Avy!
    Was it made by the famous Zeruda?
    When I meant back in the day, I meant as in a lot of games back in the 80s and 90s didn't let you save after beating the game. Besides, there is really no point to save after beating the game (unless it is like Wind Waker or Legend of Zelda, where there's a second quest) since there's no way to continue the plot after the closing credits.
    Hey Relis, want to be friends?
    By the way, I know that it sounds a bit banal but I love your avatar :)
    Heya. I finally accepted your friend request, sorry about that. :sweat:

    Oh, noticed you were replying to your VMs in your own profile. Usually people respond to them by posting in the other person's profile so it's properly recorded under "View Conversation". You can also reply under View Conversation and it goes to their profile automatically. Just a tip. ;)
    O.K. I'll go there in awhile. Kind of busy at the moment, though. But is it in world of zelda, modern zelda, or where?
    Hi Ralis. You should make requests in my graphics thread since I don't check my visitor messages or private messages that often. I'm likely to either skip over or forget about messages that appear on my profile! >_<
    For game cube,I have collector's ed.windwaker.for ds,phantom hourglass. thats it!................................4now!
    I think I'm going to add a very random picture.
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