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  • No, not the story, maybe they'll mess up, playing on the DS and playing on the n64 is really different, maybe OoT won't fit the 3DS right and people will forget the glorious of the original one and will remember only the fail remake.
    I don't think you'll recognize the beach that I went to cause we're probably from different countries.
    No, it's Reggie (The president of Nintendo of America), getting burned by bowser in the Nintendo 3DS teaser trailer from E3 a couple of weeks back. I should really get a higher quality image now that there are more out there...
    Thanks =)

    Yeah, I draw quite a bit, my avi and sig are made of my personal drawings. I've just not drawn much lately due to time restraints.
    Thanks for friend request. ^^ (message too short. At least 30 letters)
    Oh, yeah, my avatar was toon link in black and white, it nice that you remember that, I switched to something happier when the summer began :D
    I think somewhen on the beginning of 2011, maybe later, I don't know. Why? do you like the idea of remaking?
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