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  • I like that one! Thanks so much!

    Can you do one for the other so I can interchange them when I want to?

    And how did you like the Octavia vs. DJ Pon-3 pic:D?
    Once again thanks for accepting!

    Haha, I've had the Freeloader before I went. I bought a few JP games on Amazon x3
    I only know so much though :sweat:
    Oh Russian! I know like- three Russian words xD But I can read the Language.
    I listen to a lot of Russian Music.. Tatu, Virus, Kraski..... mainly Tatu though.

    I know nothing of Patching ._.

    oh hey I added you! to my Wii!

    Well, you just have to do a lot of Swapping with up on the D-pad (the equivalent if the minus button)
    Haha, okay. x3
    Oh! you know what's going to be fun for me? (I started it already though)
    I've always been a Wii player of Twilight Princess, and beat it several times. Well, I bought the GC version while I was there, because I really wanted a challenge!
    (Not only is everything like Mirror Mode, but you can only hold 2 items, AND its all in Japanese so little to no help for me HAHA!) xD
    (I only know a little bit of Japanese, although I have taken four years. -most of it I forgot oxo)

    ...oh, and if you were wondering, I do have a way to play it on my American system.
    if you go to codejunkies.com, under the shopping section, there is a disk called a "freeloader" and its only 10 bucks, and can let you play any Gamecube Game from any region.
    I'm pretty sure they only have something like that for Gamecube, but I could be wrong.

    Oh another thing, I discovered while in Japan, that the Action Replay for DS/DSi will automatically skip over any region locked game.
    there aren't many that are region locked for DS, but some of the more important games are, like Pokemon Black/White.
    (this mainly is with the newer games)
    oh, I will do that next chance I get! Sorry I haven't been on much D:
    I went to Japan :x

    the past 12 days were used for Planning, Packing, and going to Japan, and Unpacking, and resting from Jet Lag xD
    Thanks! The first problem was that there is a certain number of posts you have to reach in order to have the ability to have a sig. The number turned out to be 6 haha then after that I followed your directions, thanks!!!!!
    I heard Sothe is good for the begining of the game, not so good later. I would say give Sothe weaker weapons so he can get the enemies down to low HP and let the other characters steal the kill. That way, they all level up.

    That's how I play FE... that least >.>
    He comes in later. I am jelly you have RD. xD

    I've heard from Fire Emblem fans that as a game, RD is decent. As an FE game... its a little "meh" kind of game.

    But what i've heard, Ike is still an epic tank of DIE but people seem to think he lost his personality from Path of Radiance. I'm not sure if this rings true, considering I don't own it. :c

    At some point Sothe is talking all good about him. Then Micky... I mean Micaiah... makes a funny joke about Ike and Sothe. xD
    That's.... true.... I guess I can't say its weird. One day I walked in and I saw my dad watching looney toons, or something like that. (I like looney toons xD)

    You know what, I take that back. Any age ranked person can watch WHATEVER the crap they want. After all, cartoons ARE made by adults right?

    You're welcome. c:
    Anyways, notice how we can have a minor disagreement and not have it turn out to be a flame war. Yeah, I'm just cool like that xD
    When its me, its possible. I don't really like it too much. I just don't understand the teenage guys/40 year old men liking it.... maybe i'm crazy but to me its a little creepy BUT they can watch it all they (and you) want. Won't bother me. Like what you like, be yourself. All that really matters right? (even if I don't like MLP. Your sig is still awesome c: xD)

    ANYWAYS! Without starting some kind of argument, you can dislike/hate/like/meh Ike if you want, its your opinion and you can have it. (if you live in America) its a free country, right? c:

    Champ, guy. Same thing xD good.
    Guess that means I haven't play or even done anything Sonic related in a while huh? xD

    Champ? hahahhahaha.

    No shame? What are you saying? I'd make the worst brony this world has seen. .... freaking ponies... why must they be everywhere... crushing my childhood... *cries in a corner*

    I am not insulting MLP in any way whatsoever. :sweat:
    I'd like it right now dude! Lay it on me! *prepares for death again*

    Annnywayssss, good to here. And btw, I never say sup, I say guy sometimes (I'm guessing because of Sonic, countless times he's said "hey guy" or something related to that. Ah, Sonic. xD)
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