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  • Welcome to Zelda Dungeon! Make yourself at home! Loving the Assassin's Creed Avatar!

    P.S. Is that Altair or Ezio-I always get mixed up?!
    I see you made an Intro Thread.

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    Which LoZ games do you own?
    Your Fav LoZ game/games, Fav BGM/BGMs, and Fav Dungeon in those games?
    Your Triforce wish?
    Plan on getting SwS? Same with OoT 3D/ already own OoT 3D?
    Hey there! Welcome to Zelda Dungeon. Well, i've done my part, the rest should be Azure Sage's VM. oh, and you have to make atleast 8 or 15 posts in order to post Visitor Messages, and send Private Messages.
    Hi and welcome to Zelda Dungeon! :) I'm Azure, nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy yourself here and make many great posts! Just remember to read and obey the rules, and you'll be fine! ;) If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any other members. If you wish to reply to this message, simply click "View Conversation".
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