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  • hi man what do you like about zelda me i am in to rare games like zelda watch and zelda game and watch
    O and OotLord about that signature that would be great if you could make me one. Im dieing to get my hands on one of them thanks! :)
    Lol dont blow up Japan OotLord thats where the make Zelda! So how do you think were going to get around in this up coming game?
    ....What? I was saying I accidentally made the game easier(it already being pretty easy) by grabbing two heart containers on my first run through. I was used to ALttP difficulty at the time so I'll give it some slack, but the bosses were no challenge.
    It's a secret to everybody! If I tell you, you will be able to cheat at the Username pronouncing game!
    Just OoT, I lent out my copy of MM to a friend, I didn't know about three heart challenges back when I had OoX, I still need to finish off ALttP, and I wasn't careful in my first playthrough of TP(I did it with five hearts).
    Hey whats up OotLord!! Thank you for the friend request! So what are you up to? Whats your favorite Zelda game? You exited for the new Zelda Wii game?
    Sup, did you change the size of your sig? The limit is 400X250. If yours isn't in this limit the admins will find you and be like "change the size of your sig or we'll cut your head off" or something like that.
    If you still want that new sig you were asking for, I made an attempt in the post where you asked for it. I don't know why you want to change though, I really like your sig. I guess you feel that you've had it for too long.
    Well are you talking signature or the text over my shiek avatar?
    well here it is for both.

    Signature: If you set up a photobucket account (click here for link) you can make a pretty awesome sig, of course, all for free.

    But for text: go to your settings, and hit on the side bar "Edit Profile". Then at the top, there will be a blank type-in-box, Type in what you want it to say, Mine says Heroes can become legends.

    Hope this helps!
    Hey bro i got a question how do you get a picture under your comments? Like yours it Heroes can become Legends how do you do that?
    Hey, if you want any questions on zelda Oot, TP, WW, MM, or ALTTP, Just comment.
    I Also do sigs and Avatars!
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