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  • okay but i will have to wait for a few more people to post their feedback, i will be going by the majority vote after all
    hiya, im just here to talk about Zelda Races, im not really sure what you're getting at about it, i am enforcing rules, but the masks and stuff are to make things more fun. i have banned the unexplainable magic barrier things that people keep putting up but i don't see any problems with the masks/items. please reply.
    Heya, pupil, how are you doing? You forgot that I am your master? XD Anyway...how are you doing? I am doing fine, just chilling.
    Yes I do. I'm really excited. So far, it's basically showing up to be exactly what I've been hoping for. We'll still have to see about the difficulty and such, but at least it's going to be a masterpiece aesthetically. :)

    By the way, thanks for sending in all those reports. Really helps the mods and makes our job easier. ^^
    Lol this is way to complicated lol nm just nm lol
    Wait... What? I dont get it 303030303030
    It became all grown up and it was left for living.
    Also you lucky bastard you.
    You have an ICE dragon!
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