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  • Wait? You're parents didn't like the games because they were shooters? Kinda sucks......sorry. Personally I don't understand that philosophy. It's sci-fi, not exactly realistic like CoD or even Halo (yeah it's also sci-fi but it's more realistic than Metroid).

    Prime was kind of a side story thing really. I could see them revisiting it and somehow tying in Metroids, Phazon, the X Parasites, or all three. It's got possibilities. Plus Nintendo never revealed what Metroid Project Dread was so that's another thing that can be done.
    Yeah, Nintendo didn't exactly hype Metroid's 25 years of (in my opinion) great games very well.

    Overall Other M wasn't terrible, it just lacked a bit. I enjoy the series quite a bit and I hope that Nintendo really pushes some new life into it. The Prime series was great and I'd be fine with another Retro Studios partnership.

    And, just out of curiosity, why'd you never get into the series? Was it the concept, gameplay, or something else?
    I know.....it sucks. Thing is interests change around on the internet. It's always gonna be like that. Hopefully we can get the focus back on Zelda in the near future.

    At the same time, I'm pretty interested in the addition of Metroid Dungeon because Metroid is a series that is strong enough to have shared focus between it and Zelda. Metroid is probably the one game series I like more than The Legend of Zelda, only just barely.
    Well it's always gonna be that way. Fan sites are fan sites. But I think that the Dungeon Network will stick out better because of it's popularity and expansion.
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