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  • hey, groose! if you wanna, post in the new chapter, but while your in skyloft. you could be like, oh i wonder where link and zelda are, or find out that theres trouble and you wanna help. however you do it, come write soon(:
    Wow, you're also new here! I just joined the forums, so I'm kinda a noob. I've only played Skyward Sword, because my mother won't buy an Xbox. Want to be friends?
    Hey! So that sig you wanted, you want the text to LITTERALLY be "Linked, with just LIFE"
    and, you say you want link fighting physically? So, you want Link's body fighting while his spirit is above him...kinda like a ghost?
    Tell me if this is what you mean or not.
    Have fun on ZD and don't be afraid to express your opinion it might present new facts, give more insight to the entire Thread, or change people's ideas about the Thread.
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