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  • Never said anything about disliking King of Limbs, just don't own it, that's all. I remember the first time I heard it was with a friend off his record player in a dark basement. THOSE were good times. But yeah, Radiohead's good. I'm also a big fan of Neutral Milk Hotel, The Cure, Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth, Silversun Pickups, Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement, The Pixies, and wow, this list is long. But yeah, good stuff.
    Love all those, but I've never gotten into Muse. Don't get me wrong, I've heard their stuff, and they're really good, I've just never gotten into them as much...Radiohead on the other hand, I own almost everything by those guys except Pablo Honey and King of Limbs. EPs and live stuff too. Can't get enough of it, in fact. :D
    Really can't wait. Gotta get paid first, though. What genre would you say you most commonly listen to, if any one?
    Yeah, me too; it's kinda snowing here as well but not that much, last night though...

    How many chapters are left for this story of yours to end?
    I actually tried to get fear of a blank planet, but the download I got was...er...broken. I've heard that one is epic, and It's definitely one I intend on getting, that and Lightbulb Planet and Stupid Dream.
    Love Porcupine Tree! I haven't heard much by them, just Signify, Insignificance, In Absentia, and Deadwing, but those guys are genius. Signify is a work of art, I swear.
    I feel like those four are the big four by them. I've listened to other Pink Floyd, the one with the cow, Meddle, the Final Cut, etc. and it just doesn't hit as hard as those four. But still, The Wall is my favorite, just because it tells an incredible narrative unlike most albums I hear, cynical or not.
    G C Csus4 C
    If you didn't care
    G Gsus4 G
    what happened to me
    C Csus4 C
    And I didn't care
    G Gsus4 G A G(frm2) A G(frm2)
    For you. We would zig-zag our way

    A7 G C
    Through the boredom and pain. Occasionally glancing
    D G Am F Am F
    up through the rain Wondering which of the buggers to blame
    C Am7/B Am D Dsus4 D G
    And watching for pigs on the wing.

    Couldn't resist :P Glad to see another Pink Floyd fan around the forums!
    Cool. I haven't been listening to a lot of Tool lately, honestly. I actually haven't been listening to a lot of prog overall. I guess I'm just looking for bands that I like, as opposed to bands that are relative to bands that I like or bands that fit into a specific style.
    Also, if you want to look into Silversun Pickups, I recommend you start with music from the album Swoon. That's easily their best work, IMO.
    I only like You and Creep.... but I haven't heard Blow Out, so I can't judge entirely. As for Pink Floyd, I sadly only own Dark Side of the Moon, The Final Cut (which kinda sucks, btw), and The Wall. I've heard Animals, and in fact, Dogs is one of my top three-ish favorite Pink Floyd songs.
    I've also been listening to a lot more other stuff lately, more specifically Silversun Pickups. Ever listened to them?
    Sorry for the late reply... I haven't been on ZD too much lately.
    But in any case, I'm doing quite well, thanks for asking. Been listening to a lot more Radiohead lately (I now own all of their work, except for Pablo Honey and The Bends), which I suppose is a good thing. :P
    How have you been?
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