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  • Thank ya, the background I got bored and searched for a parchment paper texture and happened to find one that was seamless.
    I have no idea what I want really. SS was pretty much it. i just let mom surprise me for the rest of it. XD
    Yes, i'm very excited. I'm getting SS.
    As for santa, yes I used to. I've learned the secret now.
    Glad to be of assistance :D Unlike you I have multiple things to do, since besides my homework, I have my stories I made for fun to work on and whatnot >.> I also have Mario Kart 7 to play, I'm trying to get a Perfect 3 Star License but it's very nerve wracking >.<
    Just a part of an English I.S.U, something about typing out a 5 page script as an alternate ending to a terrible play >.<
    It's my last year, and that makes me very happy :D I’m finally on Winter Break, but of course, I still have some homework due when I get back :( Oh well, it shouldn’t take me very long hopefully, and I’ll work on it when I want too.
    Yeah, the only use I find for it nowadays is snow days to cancel School >.> But since the school boards are so stubborn, that doesn’t happen as much as it used to :(
    I see, well that sucks :( Snow is fun, usually not forever, but still fun nonetheless >.> Oh well, I guess you don't really need snow to have a good Christmas, right :) Also, you're profile's nice enough :D
    No harm done :) I'm very hard to anger; anyhow you get any snow where you live yet? I haven't, sadly >.>Do you think I made my profile page to wintery =\
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