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  • Yeah sure. I'm not well read into the novels but I have seen a couple old black-and-white Sherlocke Holmes movies and obviously the most recent incarnation featuring Robert Downey Jr.
    1. I think Gamestop is the only one who provides the tin? I'm not sure but it's the only place I've seen it. We call it EB here in Canada* soo. :P
    Well at least they're aware about it unlike me:lol:

    still I think that more likely we'll die out from out own thirst for technology or something like that.
    Weeeell, there are a few ways you can measure it. One way is to print screen your full signature to Paint and it'll measure the pixels for you. Another is basically to just eyeball it. There should be a post at the bottom of the rules thread that shows you about how big a signature can be. We're pretty lenient on it, so if you go over by like 10 or 20 pixels, it's alright. Just so long as it's not gargantuan. :P
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