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  • I've got done your avatar. Hope you like it and tell me if need a change^^

    Sorry for late response:( Your not bugging me, I'm here to help^^ You go the button on the top right hand corner and you go to Page background and edit with a picture from your albums or a color or none. I see that you need a sig an avatar. I don't mind doing that for you^^
    Yay! Your welcome. The hearts means that you have a good reputation. I think it's about your posting and your behavior. Be careful, if you get a bad rep, you get a skull. The points you earn them from good reps. Not bad reps, you lose points. You can also get your usertitle, not username can be changed in color. Go to the market and buy it for 15 points. Like my usertitle, is green. Well hope this helps.
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