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    Hmm. Well, there's a thread about Pokemon in general there already, so you might just want to add onto that. But if you really want it to be its own thread, I don't think it's a problem, so long as one doesn't already exist.
    That's my Xbox LIVE gamertag. You can purchase Xbox LIVE and use it on your Xbox 360. It allows you to play games online.
    I'm fine, waiting for my Wiimote batteries to charge to a good percentage, just killing time waiting, on the forums on one laptop, and watching YT videos with another, because one of them is so slow...
    Sure ;)
    I'm always happy to make new friends<3
    Meh, school shouldn't be too horrible. Some of the classes I have are ones I'm looking forward to^^
    I'm doing good, I guess. Tomorrow's when I start school again. I don't want the summer to end...D:
    Working, unfortunately. *sigh* Not much time to talk today since I procrastinated yesterday. But I hope to have more time later in the week when I finish the project I'm on. :)
    Sure, why not? I enjoy meeting new people on here!:D
    And Welcome to ZD!(if I haven't welcomed you already;)) How are you today?
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