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  • It will keep me busy for quite a while, then. I'm glad. :P Of course, that may be a bit too many episodes for me to watch in one sitting, though.

    I liked the drama, it gave the anime a good feel to it. I was actually thinking "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap" when it got to some drama scenes.
    Well, it seems that I finished it earlier than I thought I would... it's only been 12 hours since my last VM to you. Well, I have no life.

    I loved it, it was pretty refreshing after watching Zero no Tsukaima (in which the two protagonist were never completely honest with each other.) Hayate no Gotoku is going to take quite a while to torrent so I'm going to have to do something until it's all done.
    I'm watching Tora Dora right now and it's pretty good. When I'm finished, I'll go for Hayate no Gotoku. I will probably finished Tora Dora tomorrow since I'm on episode 8.
    Yeah, I kind of only had small breaks in between some episodes; I had nothing else to do, so I devoted all my time to it. :P

    Ah yes, it's a very fitting title for Rie Kugimiya, she deserves it after such roles as Shana and Louise (the most violent tsundere I've seen so far.) Speaking of other shows she's present in, can you recommend some for me? I think I got addicted to tsunderes after watching Index, Shana, and Tsukaima all in short time.
    Hello again. I've just finished watching all 3 seasons of Zero no Tsukaima, and I must say that I loved it. I have no problem with ecchi shows, so I wasn't bothered much although a lot of it seemed pointless, but it was funny nonetheless. I'm interested in the story line and I have downloaded all the so-far translated light novel volumes (1-12 out of over 20, unfortunately) to see if I can dig deeper into it. I loved almost every moment of the anime, and was surprised when I heard the vioces of Shana and Yuji (I didn't follow seiyuu's until after watching, so I didn't really know who Rie Kugimiya was) I also noticed that it was also produced by J.C Staff, and it seems that I indeed love that production company. Thanks for telling me about Zero no Tsukaima :)
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