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  • I will state again that your avatar is inaccurate, beings you've never worn a wristwatch the whole six years I've known you.

    All my pony things?

    -This large Derpy
    -Brushable Fluttershy (the normal size one you can buy, but I won it at an arcade)
    -Fluttershy and Rarity from McDonalds
    -The sparkly rainbow set from Target (7)
    -Royal Wedding Set (3)
    -Apple Family Set (3)
    -Mystery bag Rainbow Dash and Sprinkle Stripes

    So... 19? And there's still some I want. Ha... My bookshelf is being taken over by ponies and pokemon.

    I mean, this one:
    Hello there. I'm also new. And I also noticed you're a brony. =p Who's your favorite of the mane six? I'm guessing from your introduction that Doctor Hooves is your favorite background pony?
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