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    I have no idea what that means. Maybe you should lay off the fish fingers and custard...
    Exccccccccuuuuuusseee me? Princess? In case you didn't notice, I'm male :P. I had to get in that Zelda reference, no hard feelings. But really,I'm not that Derpy. My last name has a "W" in front of it and I'm a blank-flank. Sometimes I am mispictured as having Derpy's Cutie Mark. If you wanna read my full story, Surpirse! - Blogs - Dungeon Gaming Network
    You sir, post a lot. Trust me. I've been here since August of last year. I know strong momentum.

    So, how's it going?
    Hey Lamp.
    Okay so basically to get a rotating signature either use, SignAvatar - Random Avatar and Signature Hosting (100% FREE Random Image Hosting service) or find a php script that does the same and host it yourself.
    I designed all of the graphic signatures myself, they are all based on my own template. Hope that helps.

    Oh and make sure you remember your username and password if you go about using that site, I've seen no password recovery options for it.
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