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  • Well just ask me if you want some advice. Anyway, have you heard about the new Pokémon generation VI that's coming in October? They have announced the three new starter Pokémon and for the first time ever I've grown very attached to the grass starter. :)
    My older sister has the habit of typing like that. I look at it and it's like a strange language from Mars.
    But the fun counts.
    I can never seem to type like that. My brain will stop and will try to correct me. D:
    Sure thing...and well, guess that just wasn't the right relationship for you then, but you have a current one going and I'm sure it's swell enough :3
    Well, try to remember this time =P

    Her and I are but 5 hours away and at least have Video Chats on Skype and stuff, neither of us can say we see things failing and both especially refuse to let things fail, so I'm gonna say our case is far from comparable to the normal cases...we'll make things end well and then some o,o
    Eheheh, well sorry for confusing you there, suppose I should have taken into account the fact that you weren't aware of my digital family xP

    Yep, we won't be meeting in person physically for a few years at least, and won't be living together for several...but we're willing to wait and make it work, so hopefully in the end it'll all work out for us :)
    Hahah, yeah, just open that spoiler in my signature and you'll see I have 7 or so digital daughters :P

    Would be, but her and I are still both young and have a lot left to do, so that idea is without a doubt off the table for now...could be brought on the table in years to come though, we shall see.
    On here she is, yes, I am only 18 and couldn't imagine having a doughtier yet in real life anyways x3

    Maybe someday in the distant future with my girlfriend though, suppose it could be nice...thanks though, if you ever need a friend you know Vain, heheh.
    Heh, glad to see my one daughter managed to give you a good comment in that Blog of yours, I had a feeling she could likely help ^^

    You see, the whole insignificance thing branches from the fact that I do not know my own biological father, he didn't stick around...I don't know if he's dead or alive, but he left as soon as he could, yep. So that is the origin on my nickname of Vain...insignificance. Overall I just want you to know I won't look down on you, I wouldn't lie to you about something serious like that, of course I still can't force you to PM me or anything either but...keep in mind that option is always there for you, heheh. I'm the Digital God of Peace and Destruction after all, that's what I'm good for...helping others.
    Oh, I know to most I'm not, still like to put others before myself though :)

    Hehehe, I liked the sound of that little quote, so figured I'd use it--tis quite true :3
    I just poke foreheads when I wanna say something more serious at times, heheh x3

    I am Vain, standing for insignificance, and you are not Vain...so no insignificance for you! But I understand, just keep in mind this Digital God is always willing to listen to your troubles though, oh yes. Whether it is and issue that is big or small, just talk to me and positivity is what I will offer above all ^^

    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.
    Deva, Asura, Naraka, Preta, Human, and Animal...for you to witness, the Six Ports of Vain!

    *Pokes your forehead* Well, it's not like I'm gonna look down on you or anything, I have dealt with may things before...whether it's truly something serious or not, if you want to talk about it with someone because you feel it may help you be at ease I will listen, and that's all there is to it :)
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