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  • Hmm... That doesn't sound good at all. I have never been in a real depression myself though, so I guess I don't know quite how you feel. Anyway, as you may know I'm a huge fan of the Let'sPlayer NintendoCapriSun (NCS). Now I don't want to sound too repetitive, but on numerous occasions when I've read through the comments to his videos I've seen people write that they have gotten out of a depression by watching his videos, or that NCS has saved their lives. I personally understand them totally. NCS, or Tim (his IRL name), is such a sympathetic and likable person. Sure, PewDiePie, Tobuscus and a bunch of others might be "funnier", I agree with that, but Tim has something else, something special.

    That would be be my humble advice to you, my friend. To decide to watch through one of Tim's LPs. Do it if you feel like it. I really hope you'll cheer up! ^^
    That's good. We all need something to cheer us up, so it's good you've found yours. ^^ When and how did you find his channel?
    I checked out PewDiePie just now. He is pretty funny, yes. :D And it's cool to see such a successful swede on YouTobe (I'm surprised I didn't know of him since before, considering how popular he seems to be). Most people I follow are American (maybe even all of them). I watched his Cat Mario video, and it was a huge troll game. :lol: Very hilarious. I do see similarities between Pewdie and Tobuscus. I don't know exactly what it is, but there is some kind of similarity. Perhaps it's their sense of humor...
    Oh, snow up to your knees? That sounds extreme. Also, at least we in Sweden usually write our lengths like this: "I'm 183 cm tall" (but in Swedish of course :)).

    I have never heard of Pewdie. What is it? :?
    Won't it reset if you leave and reenter the dungeon? Though, if you should want any help with the puzzle solving, don't hesitate to ask me about it. ;)

    I had to go check on Google how many cm there is in an inch before replying to you. :D 8 inches is fairly deep. I presume you don't get that much snow usually in your town? Our most extreme snow period is probably over now, but in early December and in the middle of January we had about that much snow as well. Still really cold though...
    Well, Sky Keep consists of 8 rooms. Each room has a different theme and a puzzle for you to solve (except for the first room). You also have the control panels located in some of the rooms (the things with which you can move the rooms around). For the next time you play SS I recommend you to just take your time with the rooms' puzzles, as well as the sliding puzzles. Sky Keep is a very unique dungeon indeed, and I think that is what makes it so hard. I personally really like it though! :D
    Indeed, a new game somehow linked to Skyward Sword would be neat. :nod: By the way, how far are you in Skyward Sword now?
    Yeah, that's basically what it is.

    So, we got a remake remake of OoT for the 3DS and this year we're getting a remake of WW for the Wii U. Sure, I like OoT3D and I'm sure I'll like WWHD a lot too, but I want some brand new Zelda games as well. I wonder if the next new Zelda game will be released for the 3DS or for the Wii U. What are you hoping to see in the next one? Where do you want the game to take place, etc?

    I want Nintendo to focus more on the game's story than they've done before. They always make the gameplay great, but the story hasn't always been that great. I think it would be cool for the next Zelda title to have a really well developed and dark story. :) And I think it would be cool for it to take place in Hyrule (we haven't had a game in Hyrule since TP 2006).
    That sounds good, adding new islands on the edges of the map! I hope they do that.

    You know after you've completed a play through of WW you can choose to start a new file of the game as a Second Quest. Unlike the Second Quest in the original LoZ or the Master Quest in OoT, the Second Quest of WW wasn't very different from its first quest (the main differences were probably that Link wore his Outset clothes throughout the whole game and the Hylian language spoken by the three spirits was translated into English). So, that is why I want them to make even more changes to the Second Quest of WW this time. And make it really challenging. :)
    I know you don't have a Wii U, but I though we could chat a bit about the WW remake that's coming this autumn. We already know the graphics will be remastered and in full HD. What else do you think/hope that they'll change?

    I think the soundtrack will be the exact same as in the original, and I'm pretty sure they'll still use text boxes (not voice acting). The main story will most likely also remain untouched, but I think it would be cool if they added a few new islands on the Great Sea for some optionel extra exploring. ^^ Also, I want them to make the Second Quest even harder (like a lot harder than it was before). That'd be fun!
    Yeah, that works too (what you said about realistic boosk). From what I've understood you read pretty much manga, am I right? Have you tried any of the Zelda mangas? :?
    I see. I've only read one manga ever, it was the first LoZ manga. I enjoyed it a lot so I should continue reading the other ones sometime. :)

    An epoch is a period of time, isn't it? Well, I like sci-fi too. Mostly when I read a book I read it to escape from reality in a way. That is why I don't usually prefer to read realistic ones.
    The book is called "Die Sache mit Christoph" (The Thing with Christoph if you translate the title to english). Christoph is a 17 year old boy who committed suicide, and throughout the book the reader follows the thought process of his best friend Martin. I'm about half way through and I'm not that fond of the theme. :S Though I don't know many german books so I could probably not have chosen one anyway... But in English (which I read most of the time) I like to read either fantasy books or historical books that feature a epoch that interests me. :nod: What about you?
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