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  • I know that. :triforce:

    The Triforce: Din is the upper triangle of the Triforce. I'm confused which goddess correspond to the bottom 2 triangles.

    Basically is the Left Triangle(Farore or Nayru and Vise-versia)
    Thanks! Some of the responses have cracked me up too, lol. And thanks for the well-wishing. I am feeling mostly better though it's been a weird week as we had tornado warnings all day yesterday. I look forward to when life is some semblance of normal again. :P
    So true. Sorry for the late reply but I went and listened to both, they're great songs, Megadeth's best was definitely on their first albums, I also like Last Rites/Loved to Deth from their first album, it's just so raw.
    Mine was something like 117. One thing in my defense was that I didn't realize for most of the game that fairies could actually revive you. I'm not sure how solid a defense that is, though...I had some dense moments as I got back into Zelda. *lol*

    Anyway, thanks for taking on the posting duties for the month. :)
    No problem...I'm not even sure how many people may be posting right away, but just in case, I figured it would be good to have it up. Plus I know you'll name it properly. :) (it's just November: A Link to the Past Updates. Though you're welcome to start the other threads too if you want.) I've played it a couple times myself but not for awhile, and I look forward to playing it with other people. And maintaining a death count, lol.

    I won't be able to update much, if any, this weekend myself but not because of something as exciting as a move. Hope it goes well!
    Hi insanity! Got a question for you - are you usually online in the morning, or does it depend? I won't be able to post the gaming thread until tomorrow afternoon and so I was looking to see if someone else will be on earlier.
    I'm doing pretty good myself. ^^
    I have access to every Zelda game now (virtual console for the first few, online for GB color, the rest I own)
    And I have beaten every game past Ocarina of Time except the Oracles.
    Do you know how to beat horsehead in AoL? I don't want to consult the walkthrough because I'm worried I might see other information on how to beat the game while I'm at it.
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