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  • Oh dude, I'm so sorry. That really sucks. <:C
    I myself just lost some of my friends. My dad doesn't want me to see or talk to them again; and you know how things ended up with my last (real) love interest. So, I feel for you.

    Yeah, I know the feeling of wanting to get the hell out of where you are. Its perfectly normal to want to live your own life,(be independent), that kind of thing. Even more so for guys. When you come of a certain age, it becomes necessary for you to start almost an entirely new life. Just hang in there. There will be wonderful things for you to experience. You just have to wait till the right time. You're almost there too. Once you finish school, there will be no stopping you from living the way you want to. Lol, its not like you don't really do that already either, but you are almost at the point where you will have complete control of your life. It truly is something to be excited about. =D
    i'm extremely sorry, my computer didn't notify me of friend requests, i didn't mean to make it seem like i don't want to be friends.
    LOL. Wow, now you don't hear that every day. That's incredibly awesome!
    *is happy it worked out* =D

    Hm...yeah my older bro was talking about going out with this girl he likes on Valentine's Day too. Lol, its just funny to listen to guys talk about stuff like that. I mean my bro gets this weird look on his face and everything. Its hilarious. Ah...when guys grow up and like girls. Priceless. Well I hope it works out. So, how did you two meet, and what's she like? Just curious, same stuff I ask my bro.
    Ah, I understand how it can be when you have friends that don't go out and do anything with you. :/

    O rly? Cool! :D
    I hope things work out with it all for ya. :zelda:

    Also you couldn't be more right on. It really does come down to the people in your life in the end. I mean I truly doesn't matter where you are, or what you have, its who you're with. Oh and hey, I read in the "have you ever had your heart broken thread" about what you've just been through. All I can say is I'm sorry, I have a good idea of what you're going through, and I'm here for you if you need to talk.

    O rly now? Meeting girls and making new friends is good, but from the sound of things...you aren't too happy about it? I'm sorry. Hm...well if you say its boring then I will take your word for it. I honestly thought that it would be fun though. I mean...you're going to a nice high school in California where there are lots of nice/good looking people to be friends with/date. Doesn't sound like it would be "boring" to me. Unless you are strictly talking about the actual school work. That, I would agree is VERY boring. lol Although, we both know I don't know anything. ;)

    I encourage you to look on the bright side of things, though. Remember that in only a few short months you will be DONE with high school and be free to do whatever you want with your life; and whatever you want doesn't have to be "boring". :zelda:
    oh, i'm up for the challenge old man, lol, but go ahead, profile away!
    I am his GF. Why did you guys ban us in the first place?
    Coolness! Keep on keeping on. :)

    I'm doing good; I've managed to pull my grades up despite everything. :D Yay me! lol :P
    Yeah, finals are no fun....(<random :P)

    Well, hope things are going well....(<lame :P)

    Hey, if anything I hope you laugh at how I can't seem to find anything worth while to say! :D (<funny. laugh....I said LAUGH! :mad: grrr) lol jk

    cya around Flex.
    hm.....well my lung has 'issues' AGAIN...and the water's out. not much other than that. :P lol way to start off the new year right?

    how bout you? how are things in da hood?
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