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Hsien Ko
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  • Alright, so we're both on the same terms in regards to that woman, good to know...she just really messed me up, and then I realized that she was just overall a rather bad person, it was around that time I stopped frequenting ZU myself.
    It can be, yes...if you go check some of the most recent blogs I'm sure you'll likely find one that involves people learning of how the member who made it is holding up in real life.
    Yes, anyone can make a blog really, they're just there if you may have an announcement or just simply wanna tell others how your week was even...so if ever you want to try and make one yourself don't be intimidated or anything, it's easy enough and many people make 'em for all sorts of reasons ^^
    Awww *Gives you a warm blanket*

    As for me, I'm doing alright, thanks...and there are some other things I feel you may wanna know about around here. First thing being blogs and second being groups...
    Hmmm, well that's good then, yeah :)

    Ah, I do enjoy rain, tears of a God...but anyways, are you much warmer today?
    Indeed! It's quite a stretch to get there, but totally worth it. The shoutbox is good for a lot of things. Definitely helps to familiarize yourself with the other members. Sorry for any spelling. I'm quite tired. T_T
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