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Hsien Ko
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  • Well, all games are gonna have both ups and downs, yeah...but so long as they're enjoyable for the most part then good enough I suppose, heheh.
    Ah, so that's what it's called, Blood Shadow says it's right up his alley...of course he does.

    He's also the main character, and more often than not they neither die nor stay dead, nope.
    Yeah...I was compared to Dante because he goes demonic at one point because it ensured he could protect someone, and I myself have Blood Shadow, a demonic entity in my mind who will do all the talking when an extremely serious reason to protect arises.
    Hmmm, interesting song I guess, not exactly something to listen to in the dark at midnight though, eheheh. Devil May Cry though...isn't Dante the name of the main character or something? Because if so, I've been compared to him before myself...
    Ah, so it's that then, tbh that did come to mind but I had no way to be sure...well, I hope the days just fly by for you then, my friend.
    Awww, I'm sorry to hear that, Princess *hugs you tightly*

    If you may wanna talk about it then feel free to PM me, but otherwise maybe you should go to sleep earlier then or something, whatever makes the stress fade quick.
    Heh, guess that works...but anyways, my day was pretty good, same old same old more or less. How about on your end?
    Ah, yes, I read that you bought it...and take it you're enjoying it as well, hmmm. Can bet that made you somewhat tired though...starting at such a tiny screen all day.
    Well now, you're around rather late, though time zone wise it's later where I am so...yeah. How are you doing though, Princess?
    Oh, that guy...well if you wanna talk about it more feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to listen ^^

    But anyways, yes, ZD is quite great and I'm glad you're enjoying the place :)
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