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  • Hey Hayzer how have you been? As for me my homework has started to swamp me a little bit what with all the stuff going on for me. Usually I don't get to come here till around five. And I'm starting to fall way behind in algebra. But I'm managing.
    "And our bodies are examples of Adaptation...Not evolution. No new information to the DNA code has been gained. Our bodies only adapt by twisting old information. Again, do your research."

    I couldn't help but correct you on this, but since it is off-topic, I figured it would be wisest to reply here. Our bodes do present themselves as an example of evolution, the fact of evolution. Yes, there is the fact and theory of evolution. Perhaps my favorite example on the human body that displays evolution is the coccyx. You can also see visible signs of evolution through examination of human DNA, what we must and what we cannot eat, the skull shape, and skin color. I would recommend before insulting someone's credentials, you have knowledge on the subject yourself, first.
    Hayzer, you seem pretty friendly and strongly anti-socialist. Could you please look at my group, Triforce of Conservativism, and possibly consider joining as to combat El Bagu's Triforce of Democratic Socialism? We would really appriciate it.
    Hey, just saying that I literally have only enough time to send you this message and that I am going to Alice Springs for a week on Saturday. I *might* have time on Friday, but if not, that's why I haven't replied to those topics, I do have replies, just not time. I'll be sure to do it when I get back.
    "You could also give it theoretical placements too.

    i.e. ALttP--(OoX)/LA--(OoX)--LoZ/AoL--(OoX)"

    That's basically what I do.

    I like thinking Link came back from LA to find the triforce waiting for him, when I'm contemplating ALTTP//OOX

    Though because the timeline would end with a Ganon battle, I rather like LoZ/AoL-(/)(OoX)
    Dos Equis LOL

    Yeah, there are good reasons either way.

    Come to think of it, I rather like the concept Zelda in OoX is the sleeping Zelda. However, the Zelda from LoZ WAS known to Link. I'm not entirely sure about the never met before part; I don't remember it.

    However, there are some who claim to see Holodrum and Labrynna within the AoL map. For them, AoL/OOX is unthinkable.

    There is also the third option that OOX Link never had any adventure before and is an entirely different Link.

    I don't think the recovery of his sanity is too big an issue; it can just be thrown in with the destruction of his body as a reason for why so much time passed between OOX and LoZ.

    AOL ends with the triforce in the castle and OOX starts with the triforce in the castle, but you forget that LoZ/AoL backstory has the triforce in the castle as well. OoX can fit in the period of time pre-LoZ when the royal family was in possession of the triforce. However I'll admit that AoL makes it clear that Link does not wish upon it while ALTTP obviously does. Therefore it may be more likely that OoX follows AoL if OoX Link had previous adventures.

    It's also fitting that the series ends with a final battle with Ganon.

    In conclusion... I don't have a freaking clue. Maybe I'll just put OoX somewhere between PH and TMC like Pinecove LOL
    I was wondering why you put the oracles after LOZ/AOL. Mind elaborating?
    Lol. That's because you don't go to ZU. See, the timeline I follow was originally made by a guy from ZU/ZI named Lex. I didn't realize he had that timeline though, and I ended up reaching the same timeline as he did through different proof. He created it, and I recreated it and made it popular at ZU...too popular. To the point where I didn't even want to follow it anymore. To this day I look for better alternatives. Anyway, it's:

    Yeah, I'll join. Despite me being a pretty big Sonic fan, I've never joined a forum centered around it.

    Yeah, 150. You can imagine my surprise, as I had no idea who the heck "Evil Sonic" was. :P But after I started to buy some of those Sonic Archives, it was easier to understand. It's just kind of weird how the comic series went from a pure laughs only comic to the serious epic story type it is now.
    Yep, I saw the cover of issue#207 at Bumbleking.
    It looks like the Iron King is going to step up and be the villain of that issue.
    I'm a fan of the Archie Sonic comics also.
    It's nice to see other people who also enjoy the Archie Sonic comics.
    Archie Sonic does not get enough love.
    Sonic 06 did have the potential to be the ultimate Sonic epic it was hyped to be. I think that if more familiar characters had been used, the main villain was the now truly evil Eggman, and that they had forgotten about the evil Shadow look-alike, I would've liked the story a bit more. But I can live with a bad story. It was the glitch-full game play that really ruined it for me. I'm used to Sonic games with a horrible camera, but Sonic 06's was just ridiculous.

    I never bought a PS3 (The other system I have) version of SU. Since I'm usually a Nintendo shipper, like yourself, I always buy the Wii version if it's available on all consoles. After playing Secret Rings to death, I was somewhat familiar with the gesture based homing attack factor, so the motion controls weren't all that horrible for me. But, those night time levels killed the game. Why on earth even put them in? If SU had been made completely of "day time" levels, I would've called it the best Sonic game since SA2. I really had a blast with those levels.

    I'm glad someone else likes SA. I hear a lot of objections to the Voice Acting, but I think they did it well. However, I much prefer the Sonic X VA. I think that Jason guy does an excellent job portraying Sonic's "Live free, die hard, carefree" attitude.

    I'm quite impressed with your Sonic Comic collection. I've only been at it since issue 150, so you're way ahead of me. xD But Scourge is a wicked awesome character. A true evil opposite of Sonic (Shadow turned out to be more of a neutral guy in the end) would be great for the games.
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