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  • That's what I usually do =P I'm ready all day today so it shouldn't be a problem =)
    My FC for Diamond is 1118 4282 1270 :) However, I probably won't be able to battle you today :( but I will try in the next few days to battle you :) However, I can't on thursday as that's my Prom Night and I'm going to a friends house to stay for the after party. :P But I'll definately try and battle you this week. :)
    I'm on now, so if you've got a little extra time I can battle you :) however, would you prefer for me to use my better or worse team? Both are good (well, the worse one is fairly good anyway).
    Just message me when you next come online :) I really want to battle someone today xD just no one is on :(
    Well tomorrow there is a large chance that we will see each other, just VM me if you see me and online and give me about 30 minutes to respond, although I might forget to check for up to an hour :( but if I do see you online I'll be ready to battle. Would you like to battle my older worse team or my newer much better team?
    What time roughly are you most active around the site so I can find out when the best time for me to get online is, It's probably the morning here =\ or if you stay on past 10 then it's the afternoon but I'm guessing you stay up no later than maybe 1 or 2ish, well at least on ZD at that time anyway.
    Yeah, they will be, I could most likely battle you during my study leave which starts next Friday :) and also, I'm not sure if I've already asked this, but what time zone are you in, at least then I have a good idea of when you'll be online. =)
    I didn't mean ubers as in Legendaries. Sorry for the mix-up. My team is going to be constructed mainly around underprivilaged pokemon that can still hold up a good fight. I'll be using Heracross and Gyrados for sure, i know there not really underused but they deserve much better. I might also have a Slaking as my main powerhouse, no one will see him coming! And if I use my Shuckle, then I will also use Hippowdon.
    Wowee, sounds hard. I like science though. And french. And maths is ok. Good luck anyhow! And I love your avatar, Blissey rocks!
    yeah, have you put together an uber team? I'm starting one and i would like to test it out once it's done.
    I know what you mean, my exams are starting on Tuesday with a Speaking Oral and I still have Media Studies Coursework to give in by Monday :( Once the coursework over though it's just exams but I'll be able to find time during my Study leave which starts the day after our Prom, which is on May 6th. So i'll be able to battle you around then since it's unlikely that I will be revising at that time :)
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