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  • I was on spoiler leave before SS, then I was playing SS, but I'm back! I'm PO'ed about the rep system!
    I understand you. Sometimes, I'm writing something awesome, then the Writer's Block smacks me in the face.

    So, take your time, and send me a VM when you're ready for me to check up on your article. :)
    Ah. lol I guess you didn't like the DS games? Or are you just the kinda gamer who doesn't keep a game after you've beaten it? I'd never trade my Zelda games away, lol. And yeah, Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite Mario game after Yoshi's Island.
    Yeah, I've noticed. You might want to edit your article, you've been contacted multiple times. ;)
    Sorry, I can't contact you via PM because it's all topsy-turvy with me, but I want to work with you on your article about the Melancholy of Twilight Princess.

    I've already made a post in your thread, so check it out, and we can get working on it. :)
    Super Mario Galaxy? I wholeheartedly approve. Is it your first time through it, or is this a replay? Either way, always a fun time. :) I hope you can get Skyward Sword soon. ^^
    When playing Bball, don't overexert yourself. I mean, don't work more than you have to; it's good to show spirit and all that, but not to the point where you're aching. That's part of why I can't play basketball – I take it too seriously. Baseball is an adequate replacement for me (:
    I forgot it was a requirement...but as I said, it's whatever. My mistake, I see that lol.
    Yes. I think it's because Skyward Sword just takes the series in a completely new direction. Understandably some will think it's the best game ever, and some will completely disagree.
    You mean my Mases gallery? Yeah that was me. And not a lot, been playing Skyward Sword a ton and loving it. How've you been?
    Not really too much. Had no idea that the Hero of Songs quest would take so long, so I'm going to guess I'll be more than likely done at 27 hours.

    Anyway, are you enjoying Skyward Sword? It seems as if certain members on the forums are starting to dislike the game.
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