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  • Yeah, I agree. I feel sorry for all the left handed Zelda fans out there who had to play SS with a right handed Link...
    Double lucky! How do you like SS? It isn't quite the Zelda game I was expecting it to be, but I DO expect others to at least enjoy it! MW3 is always something for me to play, just wish I could get over to my uncle's house like this Sunday to play x)
    I meant to say the same to you, but I missed it! I've been around, just getting through school and adjusting to some new state mandations as to the curriculum goes. How've you been doing? Anything interesting over the break? :lol:
    No, unfortunately not. It would'v been great if it was though.
    Can't choose what to sit down with between Skyward Sword, The Minish Cap, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Kirby's return to Dreamland, Punch-Out!, Super Mario Kart, Wario Land: Shake It!, and Mario Kart 7. Pretty solid list if you ask me. :yes: Kind of starting to worry with school recommencing on Monday and Final Exams on January 17-19.
    Well, there won't appear any recovery hearts at all without a Heart Medal. Once you get it though, they will be appearing, although they aren't common even then. In the Hero Mode you also take double damage from everything, and you have the option of skipping over cut scenes.
    That's great! And to me it's actually become the absolute favourite. I love the game, I've completed it twice thus far (one of which was 100%), and I've just started the Hero Mode. :)
    I don't hate your guts for it. I'm guessing you were on a vacation or on some sort of writer's block?

    Anyways, this'll be one step closer to getting the article featured. Thanks for compiling it all. :)
    Mine was greta too! So, what do you think of Skyward Sword, my friend?
    Hello Geek! It's been a while since last time. However, I want to wish you a marry christmas! Hope you have a good one! :D
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