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  • Lord Vain doesn't always talk in the third person……just when I may happen to decided to. Regardless I’m somewhat suspicious on the matter, perhaps the system will return to normal shortly.......hopefully.
    Uhhhh, is there a Glitch in the system o_O My page along with some others is acting odd……the circuitry won’t appear on my page for some reason, and some peoples pages have been completely blanked out :hmm:
    Hmmm, still got nothing......oh wait, he's that poor guy my Uncle Melvin hugged a while ago......yeah, and his funeral was just last Thursday >.>
    Uh-huh......yeah, Lord Vain doesn't know nor does he care who that is. Me talking in the third person is Chuck Norris approved......and the higher-ups of this realm of Cyber Space really don’t mind it, so there’s no stopping Vain from doing it :silent:
    How so, no one has complained about it and one person even said it made them grin......so Lord Vain judges that you saying that it makes me a bad guy isn’t really doing much, as you have no support to that theory :bleh:
    Lord Vain doesn't know nor does he care who that User is.......so, whatever :rolleyes: Mecha Lord Gearahim is the demonic cyborg viral infected form of Demon Lord Ghirahim that shall appear in my Tron Story :yes:
    Okey dokey then :bleh: I have such an awesome idea in mind for the Mecha Lord Gearahim battle......but it's gonna appear in the second last chapter, so I won’t be able to type it out for a while Dx
    Well, I'm not sure if he says damn in other chapters, so if you don't want to risk it then I'll stop sending over parts of my story.......
    Glitch Mario- The Glitch version of Shadow Mario, however, he was not Bowser Jr. as Jr. somehow managed to create this entity in an unknown way. Shadow Mario entered in from The Mushroom Kingdom through the Grid, and was soon unexpectedly infected by the T.A.B.U.U Virus, and was transformed into Glitch Mario. *SPOILER* Glitch Mario had an early encounter with the User Program Mario, and initiated a battle. However, in the end it was a tie and each went their own way. Glitch Mario is currently moving through the system, painting M marks with viral pain wherever he sees fit, and is waiting to once again encounter his User Program twin.
    Yeah, the censored part is the word @$$ :bleh: Also, what, I can't make Link say the word damn in my own story :? Oh, and I'll put up Glitch Mario's info.....
    I just thought I'd say that I really like the 'spoiler' part of your sig. :) I'm a Zelda fan and I have only beaten one game :sweat: but I have played more!
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