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  • Thank you! Grammar, spelling, sentence structure and length/flow of the post are key. Proud of you!
    Im Deku Drahsid I edited my pic :3 ill edit it more later, Ima get sum sleep right now its 3:00 AM
    Hey Drahsid, welcome to ZD! Read dem rules and the FAQs before posting!

    Now, what I'd like to say really quickly is for you to put a bit more time and thought into your posts. Not to be offensive, I just want to see more quality posters out there. I know you can do it! :yes:
    Hello, and welcome to the ZD/DGN forums! Have a great time here! ^^ If you have any questions, just ask.

    I see that you like posting often, which is great! Although, I suggest perhaps expanding upon them a bit just to help add to the discussion more. :)
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