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  • Are you talking about the story I made months ago that I fixed but didn't care enough to edit the actual post or continue so I closed the thread?
    helo world...
    I... IZ... Teh... EPIX... DEKU... IZ... LEIK... GRAMER!
    I... am... the... epic... Deku... I... like... Grammer
    Hey there, drahsid. Let's be friends.

    How are you? I see you've had some troubles replying to VMs. Just click "View Conversation".
    Hey, I just want to say to stop posting about your thread dilemma. If you have a problem, PM a mod about it...
    Hey I just wanted to inform you that your signature is a little bit too large. If you'd like to keep that video in your signature, you should probably hide it in a spoiler tag. To do so you use: [ spoiler ][ /spoiler ], but minus the spaces in between the brackets. Take care! And also, welcome to ZeldaDungeon!
    Hey drahsid, just welcoming you to the forums (srry for the late welcome). Anyways, how are you doin here. hope the most fun here!:)
    Lol I keep making my profile picture more unique I added a few things
    -shineyer eyes (put a few white pixles on top and botom of eyes)
    -Deku has a sword! (Deku drahsid is strong enugh to weild a sword!)
    -added more dirt below the plant
    Hey there, an award is received through winning a graphic, drawing, writing, or music competition in the Competitions subforum.

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