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  • Yeah the only person who has contact info on that list is Mases. You still do stuff for the Frontpage, right? Could you contact if, if you know how... If we can't contact her who else should we try contacting?
    Yeah I'd like to see it up there. Of course the editing process for it still hasn't been finished. JC can't get to helping me on it so I'm kind of stuck right now - no other Article Editors will work with me. I tried asking Rep if he could fill in for JC but he ignored me, lol.
    That sums it up pretty well. Actually it was also available for the Gamecube and Xbox. I used to have the Gamecube version, in fact I still do have it. Lol, I remember there was this PS2 series way back called “Ty the Tasmanian Tiger” all my peers in elementry all used to hype those games up, I never did get any of them but I'm guessing the series was short lived because you don't hear about it anymore.

    If you don't mind me asking how old are you?
    I have a new found respect for you! I've never met anyone until now who has played that game. While it had issues its still fun, has a lot of core elements similar to Zelda games. It was hyped back in 2003 for sure, but then it just disappeared, people forgot about it.
    Lol, sounds like it'd be too easy. So wait were there other Warioworld games? I've only played that one on Gamecube were that evil jewel thing takes over Wario's castle, I always thought it was the only game with the title “warioworld”
    That's cool, I've only played Wario World for Gamecube, I liked it actually but not many people remember it if it gets brought up.

    Any other wario games that are good?
    (Sorry I don't know if that last message sent!)

    Yeah I've been a bit preoccupied for the last few months. It seems that as soon as I get back I start to leave. Its an annoying habit, I really like this Forum.
    Tybee is ok, my only issue is that like after the 300th the time I went I looked at the water and was like,“why is it so dark and muddy?” then I saw like tourists walk up all like “oh wow, the water is beutiful!” I was thinking,“how is it beutiful when its so muddy you can't see your feet in it?” of course that was just because I'd been there so many times. Plus places like Daytona, and West palm beach have beaches were like the water looks way clearer. Idk, I still go to Tybee on occasion.

    Were you here a few weeks ago when Islands express was completely closed because some guy's sail boat hit a power line because his sail was up? There was like a big fire that lasted a whole day because firefighters were waiting for the electric company to turn power off so that they could house down the fire. Anyway I was trapped on Tybee Island that day, it was a good excuse to get out of work, lol.
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