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  • I've been through Athens before briefly. So do you like Savannah? Idk, I've lived here since I was 5 so I've practically seen and done all the stuff I see tourists get all excited about, like the Ghost tours downtown, or just going to Tybee Island.
    Interesting, I'm starting to maybe think about doing that myself. Thanks for the advice and stuff.

    So did you live in Savannah before going to SCAD, or did you move here just to go to it?
    I think it might be too late for me to get a scholarship I graduated Highschool already. I mean I was starting to gain attention with my art work and stuff right in my freashmen year, but about halfway through that same year a bunch of problems started happening which really caused me to start getting less time to get stuff done. My main focus at that point was just passing my academic classes. By my sophmore year I was cut out of my schools art program, the quality of my work was so rushed it was obvious.

    Anyway do you think there might still be a chance for someone in my spot to get in?
    That is cool. I actually wanted to get into SCAD, things didn't work out though. So did you get a scholarship, or are you doing a student loan thing?
    There there, it'll be okay young one. The waffles have not abandoned you; they're merely taking a time off to the Syrup Spa. :)
    Erm... I have a problem with my signature. I wonder if you could help me please.

    Currently, my sig has 5 lines. But when I try replacing the line where I compare the game I've played with some other random text, not longer than what is there now, it says I have too many lines. Same thing happens when I add stuff inside the spoiler.

    Funny thing is, I'm not 100% sure about it, but, when after trying to change it, I make it look like it's now again (manually, without ragequitting and reloading the page) and preview it, it works! Which means it's not that it won't let me edit it correctly anymore, it's that the exact way it is now works, other things don't.

    (Also, when I change the text, it does work after I delete the empty line between the two lines of text.)

    I'd be grateful if you could do something about it.
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