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  • Ah, the Darknut. One of the most feared Zelda monsters in the series (but only in Minish Cap, since they're SUPER hard to beat).
    Hey Darknut! I got an account now, as you can see :P
    I knew what you meant when you said Dark I was referring to the more realistic.

    Do you live in America just curious. I'll bee logging Off at in the next 5 min from the time on this VM.
    Thankyou for the friend add,

    I see another who had done a lot more work than I have on their personal page. I seriously need to get to work on mine.
    Mine well.

    Fav LoZ game: OoT, MM, TP Fav MM mask: Stone Mask Triforce wish: World Peace(Like no war anymore)
    I'm curious as to why you sent me a FR?

    It's a ? I tend to ask when anyone sends me a FR w/o me asking them to. I'm glad you did no doubt.
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