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  • Hey how do you add the polls on threads? One guy asked while he was doing a favorite temple thread but no one told him. I was wondering too because when I made threads, there were no poll options.
    Nice job you made it to Administrator. I created a new disscussion in the "Dambombster of Administrator" group. Nice job. What finnaly made Mases and Mr Mosely finally give you the rank ?(Did Caleb agree too even though he doesn't use the forums a lot).
    I see you got what you wanted. Congrats on Admin. How much did you cry to Mases this time to get that upgrade?
    Dobombster something bad happened to me. All of my information was taken away. I only have 3 visitor messages and 5 freinds when I used like 130 freinds and 3 pages of visitor messages. My signature is gone. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Can it be fixed??
    was up i glitched tp so i have the green clothes with the wooden sword with no hacks easy but must do something at the beging of the game to do it so i could tell you how to do it some time if you are interested or don't already know
    Hi, I use Zelda dungeon to help me when needed and saw that I can join the chat room if I signed up so I did and I need friends so could you add me and I'll add you. Oh, and I found a rare item on Wind Waker. It's not even posted on zelda dungeon and it's not a hack. :)
    have an question about game spirit track ,about the temple of spirit 5, when you are in the lava and you have one orb facing right and one orb facing the door when i shoot the arrow on the left one it would not go through the door can some one help me? please !!!
    in spirit tracks im having troouble get zelda to throw the key in the tower on the 3rd visit help please
    Hey Dabombster I was thinking about how you and Josh work on the Wind Waker walkthrough and I found some info that will make things easier. First of all in the Wind Temple the part where you get the small key and the Treasure Chart at the bottom of the main room with the fan there is an easy way to get the dirt patches broken or whatever. You stand on the edge and equip the iron boots and you'll automatically climb the edge allowing you to continue without having to fight/avoid all the enemies that pop up. There is a video of a guy doing it on Youtube at the link below.


    Note that I am not PoeGamer so please give credit to him, not me.

    Also I'm watching his walkthrough for entertainment purposes and I just want you to know that I may find some useful info in them so if I some I'll tell you and Josh.
    I was playing Majora's mask and my tv stoped it and I was rally far.
    hey Dabomster!

    You've been recommended (also sent this note to Mases as he was recommended as well). Hoping you can help!

    I've hit a bizarre snag during my 2nd visit to the sacred grove and don't seem to be able to strike the pedistal to activate the door opening so I can fight the twilight beasts and enter the temple.

    All the details are here:

    I've searched this and other forums as well as google and I haven't heard of anyone else encountering this strange glitch. my fear is that after 75+ hours of the game, that I'll be forced to start over without even knowing why or how I encountered this problem in the first place... not a good feeling to invest another 75 hours only to risk the same thing again!

    if you can take a look and offer any advice, I'd appreciate it. thanks!

    -dave :)
    Man Dabombster! That wasn't cool! I was bein all nice like and you had be the big bad wolf and take me out of your house! Come on man! It was all cool, and you had to go ruin it! I demand you put me back in your house this instant! YOU HEAR ME! RAWR!
    hello can i b friends with u i need more :) btw my name is 21Darklink.
    I'm not disqualified in the tournament because I didn't post in the thread right? 'cause you already know who won between me and Josh.
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