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  • hi, i came to apologize for what i did, i know, it was not right from my part spend all the time at the SB and im really sorry, hope this note helps, it was really foolish and discortesy from me, from the member: Len (i just whant to let you know that i am very sorry and i feel really ashamed)
    For how long was I banned from the shoutbox? I'm pretty sure you were there when I was banned... or maybe not o_O. No, I'm pretty sure it was you who issued the ban.

    It's only been my first offense, and there was no formal warning before. Obviously I shouldn't have been shouting the word "porn" in the shoutbox, but I've been banned for a while now, and it was only my first offense. I mean, you can count that last time when ZD was hacked as my first offense, but that was done by a hacker, so I'm sure that could be nulled from the record.

    Anyway, how do I view my infractions?
    Yeah, No worrries, Ok, whenever is a good time for you I should be able to battle :).

    I just noticed your Sig, Its pretty cool. Well atleast next time I will be sure of which pokemon you have, I wasn't sure who you had out of the possible Eevees.
    That was a close fight....allow I think you were going to win, Even though I managed to set up my Electivire to be faster it was poisoned near death D: Lots of prediction and counter prediction there....

    I turned it off anyway so it doesn't count as a win for me...I don't like the idea of winning like that.
    Thank you for welcoming me I can draw Zelda and other characters I'm getting Zelda Twilight Princess on the Wii I tried the Gamecube but that was my friends game and the wind waker I know some of the game:)
    oppsss sorry (i didn,t told you my name?, my name is len "lenny" nice to meet you) and sorry about my discortesy and my unloyal question...very sorry to be disrespectable to you
    Alrighty then, I hope we keep in touch here. Perhaps one day I might join the colored ranks and be just like you, someone who people can look up to.
    Hi, Dabombster. Sorry if I have been unable to leave messages to you, I just thought you'd be pissed or something. But I like you, you seem like a real nice person.
    Hello Dabombster! There is something that makes me sad. I've been silenced in the SB, but I don't know why... I was wondering if you could unsilence me. I have done nothing wrong and my reputation is good, so I don't know why I can't chat in the SB... :)

    Please answer me. :)
    uh sorry to bother you but i was wondering... if i log out and i don,t show up for the next lets say...um... 3 months, is there an eliminating-count sistem that eliminates a user if that user does not show up for long?
    Thank you for your Welcome message Dabombster, don't worry, i've read the rules, and shall follow them firmly.
    quiet you :dry: :lol:....I dunno....I might like my average....normal crappy white/gray colur :p

    Nah, I admit it, I don't....What colour is next then, Purple?
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